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WILD HONEY You are to me as wild honey. The thought of you fills my mind with such sweet singing I fear my heart will burst with the wonder of it. You are to me as a quiet stream flowing … Continue reading

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Creators and Success

There have always been creators. To us creating is a display of God’s image in the world.  Creating is an ache in our spirit; a compulsive reaching out to those who share life with us.  We can no more not … Continue reading

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            Once a week I brought my guitar to the nursing home and sang for those residents who were unable to come to the dining room for programs or for Church on Sundays.  I’d listened as aphasic stroke patients who … Continue reading

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This was written several years ago a year or two after we began burning wood.  Now, in 2013, John says we may not burn wood this year.  The woodshed is full and ready.  But it has become more and more … Continue reading

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Are you a people watcher?  It’s a great hobby.  I’m not talking about being a busy body who wants to know what every neighbor is doing or keeping up on the latest gossip.  People watching helps pass the time in … Continue reading

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‘I’  I built me a house and I said, “I have created this! I am something!’ And God smiled. I took me a wife and I said, “Now I am complete! I am something!” And God sighed. I built me … Continue reading

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 A HERO’S TIME             We lost another hero last week.  One more of the Greatest Generation slipped away into history.  One of the thousands of young men who left the safety of homes and communities to fight for the freedom … Continue reading

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