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Are you a people watcher?  It’s a great hobby.  I’m not talking about being a busy body who wants to know what every neighbor is doing or keeping up on the latest gossip.  People watching helps pass the time in … Continue reading

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PISTOL PACKIN’ MAMA   After Dad passed away Mother (Bobbie Worley) kept a loaded pistol in her bedside table. She was fully capable of using it as Dad had taught her how to shoot, clean and care for it. One … Continue reading

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A salubrious Syncopation of Singular Silliness

  She hopped atop his Harley early in the morning. With raven locks all flying free, She thundered through the barley.   The field was full of stones and bumps and made her body jiggle. She bounced so high she … Continue reading

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  The poor old geezer lost his grip And shot himself in his good right hip.   He flung the gun into the dirt and grabbed the spot the shot had hurt.   He yelled, “It’s Sadie I prefer but … Continue reading

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BOSS CAT I know you feel no reverence for my godhood; not like the golden collie over there who shudders with pleasure at any careless touch.   No, your attentions bode a lower ambition; making me aware of your presence … Continue reading

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