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Aechoes From The Heartland, is like all the Mindsinger sites, they are for you, the reader. To the poet, words are like music running through the mind. It is always there, sometimes faint, at times a roaring waterfall of thought. But it is never silent. And it is never meant for the poet alone. Walk with me through the world of words. You are safe here.
–Donna Swanson, The Mindsinger


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  1. Judy Smith says:

    Hello, Donna, remember me? The years have passed and change has come … and life goes on. I have a blog here on WordPress. http://playingfortimeblog.com

    I’ve thought of you often, and was happy to find you here on WordPress today. I hope you’re well and that your life is peaceful and happy.


    • dswan2 says:

      Ah, Judy,
      You will never know how many times I’ve thought of you, tried to find you on the web. I KNEW you would be there somewhere! Yes, we are where we’ve always been. Here on the edge of the great prairie, hidden among our pine trees. Our family is growing, slowly, but happily. Our granddaughter, Leslie Elisabeth married a master chef from Aberdeen, Scotland in August and is now waiting for him to finish up his paperwork there so he can emigrate to America. Don’t remember if we were still connected when we lost our son, Mac, to cancer, but that is the only real tragedy to have hit us.
      I am still writing. Mostly blogs though, now; had two newspaper columns for about 8 years and finally gave them up, although a lot of the material can be found on my web pages. You are on Aechoesfromtheheartland now. there is also one titled Granny Tales, aimed at children 8 – 80, and Mindsinger, the oldest one.
      My health is fairly good except for degenerative arthritis of the lower back which makes walking very difficult. I always heard old married couples begin to look alike, but I didn’t count on walking the same as well! 8-\
      How about you, old friend? Where has your life taken you? Looks as though music is still a big part of your life. let me know where you are and let’s not lose touch again!
      Welcome back into my life!

      • Judy Smith says:

        I love knowing you’re still there, Donna. It took me a bit to get back here, but I was so happy to see your reply to my post.

        Glad, too, to hear about your granddaughter’s marriage — I know you’ll be relieved to get them stateside again. And yes, you were in the throes of tragedy with Mac while you & I were still corresponding. I know the loss never ends.

        I painfully identify with your lower back problems. Two surgeries later (neither involving hardware or fusions), I still have to baby mine. I also deal with fibromyalgia and a balance problem, but I’m a happy camper no matter what.

        Music is indeed still a huge part of our lives. We recently moved diagonally across the state, to the northeast corner. We now have hills and trees, rain and people! We’re loving it here. We’re both officially retired now, but Kim works part-time at Lawrence Arts Center just a block or so south of us. They do plays, musicals, art classes, showings, the gamut, and he’s sort of a Jack of all trades for the director.

        I read and blog and play piano and walk and sleep deeply every night. Life seems very good.

        I hope we can stay in touch!

        (Do you by any chance have a Facebook account?)

      • dswan2 says:

        I do have a face book account. Just type in Donna Swanson and it should pop up. I wish you and Kim lived a bit closer. I’ve written several cantatas but have never pursued publication. One I began writing with a composer who worked with the Gaithers but due to a personality clash we didn’t finish it. Christmas is coming and I need to get busy with the Christmas cards, but one of the girls got me a couple dozen glass balls to paint and they are VERY tempting, and right beside my computer. I did do away with twenty tiny ones, though, I took off the hangers and put them in a glass vase. Looks like it is filled with bubbles! Now, to the others! Be sure to send me your address so you can get a card. Maybe via a message to face book so it is private. Enjoy all the activities for the holidays and take care! Blessings, Donna

      • Judy Smith says:

        Ah, so glad to see this. Busy day today and I’m being a bum at the same time because of a cold, but I’ll get you the information ASAP. What a merry Christmas!

  2. Judy Smith says:

    So … Judy has once again gotten sidetracked with this and that. I couldn’t find you on Facebook, although several other Donna Swansons popped up. I need a way to contact you! Thanks!!

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