Festival of the Bells

Zach has been introduced to the citizens of Windfallow as the hero who saved the Great Bell of Fellowship.  In his honor a Festival of the Bells has ben instituted.  We partake now in part of that Festival.



Zach sat in a place of honor between the Queen and Robin as children and Alari performed before the grandstand at Bellkeep. The music was at times sweet and at others loud and invigorating. There were jugglers who tossed sparkling crystal balls high in the air and acrobats who defied the law of gravity.

Then, the entertainers left, the crowd grew still and the King and Queen of Windfallow rose from their seats and walked to the middle of the open area. They stood with their backs to one another, the better to see all the people. King Dagan spoke first. “Citizens of Windfallow and special guest, Zachary. We have called a special celebration of the Bells, which will be held on this date forever to commemorate the safe return of the Great Bell of Fellowship. On this day the Great Bell of Fellowship, the Great Bell of Peace and the Great Bell of the Angels will be rung in unison at exactly 12:00 noon.”

The Queen took up the speech. “Never before have we heard the Bells rung in unison. We do not know what will happen, but Angari says it is appropriate that it be done. Friends, it is almost noon. I ask that you remain silent until the Bells have rung.”

With that, the King and Queen returned to their seats and waited with their subjects. A great silence fell over the crowd. Zach could feel the people around him holding their breath as they waited for something they had never experienced before. Then Zach heard a sound so compelling, so overwhelming, he fell to his knees in reverence. When he thought he could no longer stand the sweetness of it, another tone joined the first and the harmony swept through his feet, up through his chest and arms, his hands rising without conscious effort.

Now a third tone joined the others and Zach felt his heart would burst with the power of it. Suddenly they were surrounded by brilliantly white angels, wings spread and voices raised in magnificent music. Their robes and wings blazed with iridescent color and their hair shone like spun gold. Even his amber glasses could not soften the brilliance and Zach was struck blind.


From The Chronicles of Windfallow: Vol I, The Great Bell

Though he could not see, Zach could still hear the music and feel the wonder around him. “If I never see again, I have seen enough,” he whispered to himself. “I have seen and heard the host of Heaven.”



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