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Festival of the Bells

Zach has been introduced to the citizens of Windfallow as the hero who saved the Great Bell of Fellowship.  In his honor a Festival of the Bells has ben instituted.  We partake now in part of that Festival. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////   … Continue reading

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Life was not always like this for me, you know. There was a time – oh there was a time! I marched with the best of them!   I flew those silver birds through hell and brought them back every … Continue reading

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Sung Home

A citizen of Windfallow has been killed by crooks inhabited by the demon, Jackal.  Zach and his family are present as the people of Windfallow “sing him home”. ///////////////////////////////////// Terah’s body lay in state before the throne of Windfallow. It … Continue reading

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Excerpt from A CURIOUS LIGHT; book 4 The Chronicles of Windfallow.

    An Alari interacts with an infant: Angari stood and stretched, his wings touching the wall on either side.  “I must return to Windfallow now, but I thank you all for your hospitality.  I will return for Coby as … Continue reading

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PISTOL PACKIN’ MAMA   After Dad passed away Mother (Bobbie Worley) kept a loaded pistol in her bedside table. She was fully capable of using it as Dad had taught her how to shoot, clean and care for it. One … Continue reading

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