Do you remember that I love you?

When the cares of every day

begin to dim my memory

do you remember, oh my darling

that I love?


Do you remember that you love me?

When life’s troubles come along

and it’s not easy to be strong;

do you recall those tender moments

when you love me?


My love, I know I can’t be there

           each time you need me.

But remember I’ll be here when you come home.

And darling, when the world outside has hurt you,

remember love can heal the pain

when we’re alone.


Will you remember, if I should leave you?

If there ever comes a day

when death’s cold hand takes me away;

will you look back upon our love

and still remember?


Will you remember that I loved you?

When you take life up again

and let another your heart mend;

you’ll have my blessing to the end,

because I love you.


c.200, Donna Swanson


About dswan2

Poet, author, columnist, lyricist, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, wife of 50 years. Born and raised in America's Heartland
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