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I saw the thing and I thought it wept. Oh, there were no tears; Things have no tears. They cannot weep. But, you see, I remember how God had made it. Such a lovely stream; clean and cool and singing … Continue reading

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Molly’s Moments

Molly looked across the ripening wheat field.  The bristled heads brushed against her hands as she walked.  Here was solitude.  Here was space.  Here were no brothers to torment her; no adults to restrain her.  This was her place.  No … Continue reading

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Our love began in the springtime when the world was tender green, and the love we gave each other was beautiful and free. The Primrose was our flower; we gathered all we found. Our hearts were filled with Springtime and … Continue reading

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Just short of glory

He stopped just short of glory and laid his burden down; then stepped upon the golden shore and won the victor’s crown. I do not ask to bring him back; though heartache touched us here. But just remember where he’s … Continue reading

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The Pine

(A thought from the far side of infidelity) I am a tree uprooted; a tall pine who could not bend and so I fell, and, in my falling, tore branch and limb from the forest around me. “Stay my fall!” … Continue reading

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