The Stars Sang

Several years back the Rap Group, a meeting of teens and young
adults, met once a week in my home for two or three years. One of the
many experiences of that group was a cantata we wrote using popular
country music with new words. Some of you remember it. Some of you
were a part of it as we performed it at several churches in the area.
This is one of those songs. If you have Floyd Cramer’s “Last Date”,
you can sing these words quite easily to that melody.


1. The stars all gather in a velvet sky.
Their worlds are hushed as though to still a sigh.
For in the Heavens He is passing by.
and His hands hold the form of a man to be born
on a world He has made all his own,
all his own.

2. The Garden’s waiting, bathed in rare perfume.
The soft grass sparkles in the morning dew.
The Garden’s waiting for the Master’s touch.
And the stars of the morn wait for men to be born,
and the God they will love,
they will love!

But see, His heart is breaking
as the man forgets his God.
The stars draw away, become cold on that day,
as man begins his long and lonely walk away.

3. Then God Himself becomes the perfect man.
As in His Son, He brings the perfect plan.
The long road back begins on Calvary
where He dies to reclaim you and I in His Name
and the stars cry it out in the night.
“Thy will be done!”

Creation hangs suspended
as the earth enfolds her God.
Pain and death have their way, Life is stilled on that day,
as Satan laughs in triumph by a lonely grave!

4. Now in a garden filled with rare perfume
a great stone trembles by an empty tomb.
No more will man be bound by space and time.
He can sing with the stars, “We are loved, life is ours!”
and the worlds breathe a sigh in the night.
“Thy will is done!”

Excerpt from SPLINTERS OF LIGHT by Donna Swanson
available at and Amazon Kindle


About dswan2

Poet, author, columnist, lyricist, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, wife of 50 years. Born and raised in America's Heartland
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