God’s Tapestry

God’s Tapestry

When we think of the Weaver sitting at the loom of our lives, we tend
to think of God. Jehovah. The Omnipotent Father. One who is above
our sorrows, our triumphs and our dreams. One who doesn’t know how
much we hurt or how important our triumphs over the everyday trials
that come our way.

But the Incarnation brought God down to earth. In Christ, he was
reconciling us, or as a friend put it, ‘he was hugging the world to

It is not just God directing our lives, weaving the threads of our
existence into a garment of praise. Rather, it is God/Jesus, Son of
Man, Son of God, Imago Dei; the very image of God, who lovingly,
compassionately, weaves together our sorrows, our joys, our victories
and defeats, working all things to our ultimate good.

We do not dance on puppet strings. What we do and the decisions we
make day by day have an impact on ourselves, our world and on the
Weaver. And he takes those acts, those choices, and weaves them into
the fabric of the world.

Gently he calls to me,
Softly he comes.
Weaving my life on the loom of his love.
Though I can’t see it, the pattern he weaves;
Though I resist it and try to break free.
With patience and wisdom,
the Master weaves on,
‘til I’m a garment of praise and his to put on.
And He loves me and keeps me
and calls me his own.
I’ll love him and serve him and I’ll be his own.

Dark threads and golden ones,
laughter and tears.
Flow through my life as he gathers the years.
A world full of wonder,
of reason and rhyme.
My life is a tapestry, woven of time.

Gently he calls to us,
softly he comes.
Weaving our lives on the loom of his love.
The Master’s a weaver of garments down here.
To be worn in his mansions
of glory up there.

Donna Swanson, from Splinters of Light, c.2011
This 200+ page book has just been released and is available from
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Poet, author, columnist, lyricist, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, wife of 50 years. Born and raised in America's Heartland
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