Upsy daisy!

Well, John has his new toy all finished and ready to go.  It all began when Mike bought new carts for the Food Basket.  They work quite well, but not as load-bearing vehicles.  The first time John put his canes in one and then substituted it for the canes, he took a header.  Now, every time the sales girls see him coming they run to the back for an old cart.  John decided that put an extra burden on them, so he looked at the cart Mike had given me so I could take groceries from van to kitchen and came up with an invention.


Sam Verhoeven supplied a hoist and several trips to Big R and Tractor Supply finished out the parts list.  Of course it was discussed and approved by the crowd at Carbondale and several uses for it were offered.  But Frank Kenworthy actually helped with the construction and offered technical assistance while Rusty Spear did some heavy lifting and general expertise with hammer and wrench.  Gillim’s Machine Shop had to hand make a piece or two and now it sits proudly in the back of John’s main mode of transportation, his pickup.


All he has to do is hook up the cart here, hoist it into the pickup, unload it at the store, fill it with groceries, hoist it back into the pickup and bring it home.  It has yet to make its maiden voyage to the Food Basket, but I’ve warned Mike to be on the lookout.  He demonstrated if for Pam Black and I and pictures were taken so I could record it for history.    I’m all for it, though, since now he can bring home a whole cartload of groceries!


My toy was a necessity.  Honest.  My previous paint program had proven unreliable; I would be 1/3  or ½ way through a project and the program would politely tell me it had to quit; and do so.   This was especially evident on Mondays when I was trying to get the Granny’s Place column written.


So, I checked out the website where I’d bought the original tablet – a Wacom Pen Tablet – and found they were still selling it – now called Bamboo – for the same price.  It was bundled with Photoshop Elements 7, and that sounded great because I’d been told I needed that program.


I waited with bated breath for it to arrive.  I installed the software first as instructed and wondered how Elements would handle the paint program.  Shrugging off the fact that I saw nothing artistic, I installed the tablet.  At that point I had to accept the fact that Photoshop Elements was not a paint program.  Photos, fine; original paintings, no way.


Back to the website.  I asked the techs if there was an equivalent program to Painter Classic.  Why yes, there was.  It was now called Painter Essentials and was sold by Corel.

I didn’t have a choice if I wanted another paint program so I ordered it.  By now my new tablet was not as inexpensive as I’d thought.


But when the program came, it was everything I’d wanted plus a whole lot more.  I’ve been playing with it ever since.  It is so simple to make anything from a simple graphic to a complicated painting that is just plain fun.  And, if you can find work that is fun and fulfilling, you’ve hit pay dirt!


Yep, you can find us old folks at the farm playing with our irreplaceable gadgets!  Come on over and play!





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Poet, author, columnist, lyricist, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, wife of 50 years. Born and raised in America's Heartland
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