Invitation to Explor


John and I took a drive yesterday evening.  We drove down to Covington via new 63 to have dinner with friends.  As you are well aware there is a breath taking panorama along that piece of highway.  And you can picture the exact mile or two of which I speak.  Indiana has many such beautiful drives and none more beautiful than those in Warren County.

On the way home, we crossed the Wabash and came up the ‘river road’ as it winds its way to Williamsport.  We saw a herd of longhorn cattle; an abundance of new houses built since we had been along it before and stretches where the road was overarched with trees and vines.

There was one stretch that looked as though at least one family, and maybe several along the way, had maintained the roadsides as though they were lawns.  There was also a stretch that had obviously been ignored to the same degree.  There was a time when land owners were proud of their environment and kept roadsides and waterways mowed at least a couple of times each summer.  But high gas prices and more interesting uses of time have changed a lot of practices.

Brown County has always had the reputation of being Indiana’s scenic area, and it does boast many attractions and beautiful scenery.  But you need not drive all that way to see scenic beauty.  Travel the back roads of Warren County in any season and you will find places that delight the eye.  Big Pine Creek has carved a valley through Warren County that offers many a relaxing drive between woodland and pasture.  A short trip to the ‘twin bridges’ near the Potholes, taken in the fall, offers breathtaking views of yellow maple trees with their stark black trunks against the brilliant gold of leaves still clinging to branches and those carpeting the ground beneath.  And if you happen to be there in late afternoon when the sun is slanting through those golden branches you will find it unforgettable.

Taking the blacktop off 41 down into the bottoms and on to Kramer affords more vistas for your enjoyment.  And we’ve only talked of scenery.  The wild life is also present and a deer or a group of them always draws our gaze to the land around us –albeit to make sure there are none in the road!  A baby cottontail running along the roadside makes us smile and now and then a wild turkey or brightly colored pheasant makes an appearance.

None of these excursions cost more than a tank of gas and some time.  There are no park fees or toll roads.  No souvenir shacks dot the roadsides.  We have not yet been discovered except by those who see the beauty of our “scrub land” and build homes there.

The next time you drive to town, take a back road; take a few extra minutes to enjoy your native land.  We are so blessed to live in a place of beauty and abundance.  God blessedWarren County today.  Did you see it?

This is Warren County, Indiana.  Why not take a drive through your own county and look for inspiration?


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Poet, author, columnist, lyricist, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, wife of 50 years. Born and raised in America's Heartland
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